How social media listening will benefit your Brand

Learn what is social media listening and how to use it

Data is an essential element in business. It is what drives creativity today and helps businesses to remain competitive. And now, with big data integration and Artificial Intelligence, companies can exploit advanced analytical technologies such as predictive analytics and actionable insights more effectively in a simple manner and at affordable prices.

How artificial intelligence works in social media?

Artificial intelligence will capture a company’s entire data and classify that information that matters the most through machine learning. It will help you to create marketing and sales strategies to keep your customers engaged and satisfied. The best thing is that the outcome will be known in advance because today’s tools are very accurate and reliable.

AI Marketing tools help businesses to ingest and analyze massive amounts of Social Media, Emails, and online marketing data analytics on a real-time basis. At present, many experts in the field of analytical insights and research are on the rise, especially in the Arab World, the competition is clearly on.

Social listening tool importance:

AIM Insights social listening tool help companies and start-ups better understand customers’ needs and intents, manage risks before they even happen, show how customers perceive your brand, and give you a clear view of the market comparisons. This blog will outline four highlights of advantages that companies can gain to generate positive results for their own company through AIM Insights tool.

1.Data Segmentation

The marketing team of any existing company will know the importance of segmenting data. And to accomplish various objectives and discrepancies, they all know how long and stressful it takes to reach out for outcomes. However, with AIM Insights, a company can quickly evaluate several data sources, giving the experience to learn specific details and qualifications about each of your customers that is unlikely to be processed through regular human observations.

2.Anticipating Your Customers Needs

In addition to attracting customers, companies are frequently under competitive pressure to consider their customers’ needs to be able to enhance customer service, increase customer loyalty, and establish reliable relationships with them. Not only will AIM Listening Tools solution provide you with access to more platforms important to your target market that you might not have used before, but it will also monitor and keep track of individuals’ actions through these channels. This process enables marketers to switch from simple segmentation of data to sending prompted messages based on activities and leads.

3.Delivery of Relevant Products

Product is the lifeline of every company and is mostly the most significant investment a company can make. The product management team’s task is to identify trends and customer insights, driving the product vision for innovation, new functions, and features. But we all know how such a process takes a lot of time and effort, and the results aren’t necessarily accurate.

Efficient data collection made by a third-party that gives accurate insights to help the team open up to new ideas and views. Insights resulting from AIM Technologies’ Natural Language and Data Processing analytics will help businesses remain competitive and encourage recognition of what the market needs to supply the product before it is required when demand shifts or new technology is introduced.

4.Highly Advanced Personalisation

Leveraging the speed and precision of AI through such data also opens new gates to a deeper understanding of your previous customer experiences. You will explore client behaviours without having to manually dig through hours’ worth of interactions and analytics across the web. In conjunction with AIM Insights tool, you can set up predictive and automated pathways to produce the most relevant and personalized update to your customers on a real-time basis.

The reach of AI for marketing is beyond infinite. Businesses can achieve a lot without investing heavily in human resources with a single sufficient AI tool. AIM Technologies is there to support companies to reach their targeted audience and deliver suitable products for them.