How to get audience insights

Lead Generation: AIM Tools Will Take Your Audience Selection to A Whole New Level

If your brand generally speaks to everyone and targets all kinds of people through Social Media platforms, this means that your brand is not functional enough to meet its goals.

Identifying a target audience is critical for big companies and start-ups. There used to be an era where a lot of time and effort was exerted to gather customer insights and identify their needs and drivers. Still, nowadays, your decision is a click away, thanks to Social Media. With reactions, shares, and comments, Social Media platform users are far more likely to communicate with brands online. Brands get to tap into those interactions through Social Media sentiment tools and find useful insights into the targeted customers’ desires and motives.

A brand has to be mindful of what people want to speak about to produce successful and engaging content. That is why AIM has been working hard on creating a research tool that only gives analytic results in less time than expected. There are certainly a lot of ways to gain value from Social Media listening tools. From examining and enhancing customer service and loyalty to detecting brands’ risks, from improving market analysis to exploiting new sales opportunities. But still, there are a variety of hurdles and mistakes that can weaken initiatives that track social media and reduce the value they can offer.

However, the AIM Research tool has shown great success in overcoming these challenges by building an end-to-end automated process that focuses on speed, quality, and scalability.

AIM Technologies has created a variety of options tools that are all connected to the same goal. Customizing facilitated questionnaires, broad reach to numerous segments, digital migration, and enhanced control, and online targeting; these features can draw out precise insights about the audience’s persona, drivers, and likeliness to buy a new product or continue using your products or services in a very accurate and timely manner. What’s astonishing is that AIM’s Research can turn around projects in about 48 hours, even though the usual time for such a process done offline takes time from six to eight weeks!

Our main goal at AIM is to be extremely fast, immensely agile, and exceed our client’s expectations, said John Saad, CEO & Co-Founder at AIM Technologies. What’s even more impressive is that AIM approached key brands to their service in very little time since its inception. Vodafone, Egypt, will be signing up to sell some AIM solutions to its enterprise customers.

AIM Technologies products attracted large companies and gained their trust, and that is their key to rolling out for different regions and soon all around the MENA. AIM technologies products will help you define your target audience and understand their behavior on all Social Media Platforms. You will keep track of your brand’s references analyzing the current trends to better communicate with consumers.

Reaching a target audience sits at the core of defining a successful strategy and achieving your objective; you can detect suitable people who can use or talk about your brand with the support of AIM data processing tools.