Brand Exposure Index

Brand Exposure Index (BEI): An index used to score the exposure of every logo in the match taking into consideration the duration of exposure, the size of the logo on the screen, the number of times it appeared, and also the appearance of other logos in the same frame.

Using advanced computer vision such as logo detection, we are able to accurately detect and track the presence of logos and brands across a wide range of media through a brand exposure index technology.

Face Recognition

Using Visual recognition technology, we optimized face and logo recognition which can be used on videos & pictures specifying the number of times they appeared and the duration in the case of videos.

Top metrics used in this report from visual recognition technology:

  • Player appearance count on screen
  • Player appearance time on screen

Logo detection

Monitoring brands’  logos appearance on live matches streaming and posts on social media platforms, Overall, the launch of the logo detection and brand exposure index by AIM Technologies is a welcome development for businesses looking to optimize their media presence and track the impact of their brand on different

In this report, we used the videos of the matches as well as social media data to detect logos for brands sponsoring the World Cup in stadiums, logos that appeared in ads and on players’ jerseys were also detected, as well as we also detected players’ appearance during matches and from our social media data.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the index is the right product for tracking your logo and overall brand appearance across digital, social media, and TV live-stream platforms.

Social media listening

Using our AI-based social media listening tool, AIM Insights, we retrieve data (posts and engagement) from different social media platforms and accounts or use queries to track engagement on certain topics.

We conduct our social listening across several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit & TikTok.

Using artificial intelligence, our tool can interpret multilingual data in 7 different languages, and detect consumer sentiment in posts, tweets, and comments with competitively high accuracy.

Our tool is also capable of categorizing texts by intent (satisfaction, inquiries, churn, complaints & classifying comments into positive, negative, and natural).

AIM Insights offers an exciting experience to users where key social media parameters are represented in the form of insightful dashboards.

In this report, we used data from FIFA’s official accounts and the most famous players’ accounts, and national teams’ official accounts. We also used twitter keywords & hashtags relevant to the topics.

Top metrics used in this report from social media listening:

  • Net Sentiment Score (NSS) – An index calculated by the AIM Insights platform which summarizes the positive & negative scores as well as the intensity of each.
    The Value of the index ranges between 1% and 100%. The more positive the conversations are on the topic/brand, the higher the value of the NSS score
  • Engagement – includes Reactions(Likes, Dislikes, Love, HAHA, etc.), comments, shares and views
Online surveys

Another AI-powered tool we have is AIM Research, where self-administered surveys are published online, and respondents are targeted using social media targeting.

In this report, we conducted an online survey about The 2022 FIFA World Cup, we targeted Egyptians aged 14 Years old and above.

The survey was distributed during the period 24 November 2022 – 18 December 2022

Top metrics used in this report from the questionnaire:

  • Logo Recall: It is the percentage of respondents who recall seeing ads for specific brands such that respondents were asked to select all the brands they remember seeing.
  • Best Player: It is the percentage of respondents who think a specific player was the best player in the world cup 2022.
How it works

Visual Recognition technology using AI models (Logo detection, Celebrity detection, Digit detection, and more), transforms unstructured data (Videos/Images) into useful data that can be easily comprehended and visualized and provides actional insights.