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Becoming the multi-lingual AI powerhouse of the Middle East

6 founders with more than 15 years of experience across Egypt, MENA, and Europe in the fields of artificial intelligence, technology, marketing, research, and digital. Coming from different backgrounds, sharing the same vision to lead the AI business in the region and redefine the Insights & knowledge mining industry across the region.

tube machine mixing all social media platforms together to give social media analysis

“We believe that helping other businesses across the MiddleEast to have a better understanding of their business, their market, and their customers through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key to the future marketing where AI tools provide different solutions to the companies regardless of their size...”

Our mission

Creating AI tools that focus on providing marketing solutions and insights that will help every business to strengthen their strategic marketing planning.

Our values, standards, and principles

With our products, we are reshaping the future of the insights industry by providing clientswith real-time access to whatever data they may need via social media listening.

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Our history

In January 2019, the 6 founders have come together sharing the same vision of creating tools that can simplify analytics to help businesses formulate strategic decisions and fill the gap of understanding multiple languages.

“our goal is to have solutions for any company out there”

- John Saad, CEO and co-founder

  • Mid - 2019

    Aim Technologies launches its first product the AIM Insights tool, an AI-powered social media listening tool that provides real-time data via analytics platform.

    The Insights tool attracts its first clients “Vodafone Egypt, JWT,and Mindshare”

  • End - 2019

    Towards the end of the year, AIM Technologies launched its second product, AIM Research, which helps businesses with different aspects of market research.

  • Beginning – 2020

    The client base gets wider with clients “OMD, Nielsen, McDonald’s and Pepsi”

  • Mid-2020

    AIM Technologies raised a six-figure SEED round from angel investors, and have offered solutions that released the dealwith Talaat Moustafa Group.

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