The automated, inexpensive, and time efficient market research tool every leading brand needs

We’ve created the AI-powered research tool that caters to all
budgets, and all research needs.

Customizable and Objective-Based Questionnaires

Create and distribute a questionnaire tailored to your research goals in under 48 hours from our expansive library comprising 20,000+ survey questions.

Audience-Specific Insights

Gather the data and insights you need about the segment you’re serving through online and social media targeting with questions inspired from their behavior.

Real-time Data Visualization

Access our dashboard as it updates its results with each recorded response, at any stage of the data collection process.

Immediate Report Generation

Once all survey responses have been recorded, your questionnaire insights are instantly ready for you to inspect and formulate business decisions accordingly.

Revenue Stream Creation or Optimization

Whether you’re an established or rising business, this research tool will enable you to:

  1. Learn more about your customers’ needs and pain points.
  2. Closely determine which offerings, promotions, and communication messages work, and which don’t.
  3. Gather customer insights that are of immense value for your marketing strategy.
Features Aim Research Other Market Research
Ability to reach various market
profiles, segments
Speed Hours, Days
Few week maximum
Weeks or
Few months
Self-administrated survey in respondent
convenient time & place
Human Error
Expanding on scale without significant
effect on time & resources

Types of Surveys

Brand Health Tracker
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Concept Testing
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Option Poll
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Customer Experience
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Trending Topics Tracker
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Customer Loyalty
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Customer Satisfaction
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Price Testing
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Employees satisfaction survey
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Media Tracker
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Ad Testing
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Customize your Survey
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